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Frameless Sices Fixing Glass Curtain Wall

It refers to the frameless glass curtain wall with its glass panel connected to the main structure or the glass fin by fixing its sides. The surface glass can be single glass, insulated glass, and laminated glass and so on; normally the glass is tempered glass. Glass fin may adopt single tempered glass or laminated glass. This type of curtain wall contains Bottom Sitting Frameless Glass Curtain Wall and Top Hang Frameless Glass Curtain Wall. ?


Bottom Sitting Frameless Glass Curtain Wall

The surface glass is fixed in the top and bottom glass slot. The glass dead load is sustained by the bottom slot. The surface glass can be four sides or two opposite sides supporting. When supported by the vertical two sides and the glass cannot meet the intensity or rigidity requirements, the vertical glass fin is needed. The fin glass and the facial glass are connected by silicon structural sealant. According to different glass configuration, when the height of surface glass exceeds scope of the relevant standards and specification, we have to change the bottom sitting style to top hang style. The bottom sitting frameless glass curtain wall boasts the following technique features:
●The whole curtain wall is composed of glass, and there is no metal hardware or supporting device exposed out, which achieves high transparency and excellent decoration effect.
●Simple structure, mature technique and simple construction.
●Reasonable cost, economical and practical.
●The curtain wall height is limited when used for large span area and the glass fin is continuous.



Top Hang Frameless Glass Curtain Wall

The surface glass top hangs to the bottom of the main structure beam above it,and the glass load pass to the main structure through hanging device. The horizontal wind load and other external loading are born by the vertical glass fin installed in the same manner. Usually, the surface glass is single glass and the fin glass can be single glass or laminated glass. This kind of curtain wall of Yuanda boasts the following features:
●The curtain wall is composed of one complete piece of glass which gives extreme transparent feeling. No matter internal or external visual effect is excellent.
●Can realize larger span than bottom sitting frameless glass curtain wall. The large span gives grand construction feeling. This system is suitable for main atrium, hall and similar larger space area.
●Perfect and mature design technique and computer simulation analysis ensures the safety and reliability of the structure.
●Exclusive hanging bracket is adopted to ensure stable and reliable quality.
●Advanced construction workmanship, advanced device and long-term working experience ensures the safety and quality of the construction.
●Curtain wall height is limited by material character.
●Higher cost.